Office Equipment Leasing in the UK Industry Market Research Report Now Updated by IBISWorld

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Demand for rental and leased products from the Office Equipment Leasing industry is driven by computer hardware demand, business equipment investment, government equipment needs and home office requirements. A wide range of companies rent or lease office equipment to preserve cash flow and gain taxation benefits. However, in the long term renting and leasing equipment can significantly increase the outlay beyond the initial value of the goods, particularly for rapidly depreciating products such as computers. Declining final prices for computers, laptops and computer peripheral equipment have resulted in some businesses opting to purchase these products instead of renting or leasing them. However, the development of new computer and related technologies can contribute to industry growth and demand. In the past five years, industry revenue growth has been highly volatile due to the surging economy prior to 2007-08 and the UK recession, which resulted in significant revenue declines in the following […]

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