25% discount on Netgear N300 WiFI range extender

NETGEAR Mini N300 Mbps WiFi Range Extender

WiFi is a great way for your devices to stay connected without the need for messy cables that tether you do a particular area and can be a hazard if they trial across the floor. Most homes internet connections now come with a WiFi router as standard but unfortunately the router is often located in one room which means you get great WiFi signal there but if you go to other parts of your home the signal may become unreliable or just not available do to walls and furniture blocking the signal. But you don’t have to resort to running cables around you house just to get internet in your bedroom if you use a WiFi range extender such as this one that is currently discounted 25% at Amazon. The Netgear Mini N300

These Wireless extenders work by connecting to your existing WiFi network and have their own built in hotspot that you can connect to. All you have to do is plug it in close to your current router, switch it on, and press the “WPS” on the Wi-Fi extender and then press the “WPS” on the router (you can also connect via browser such you not have WPS on your router). Waited a few seconds and it will connect.. You can then unplug the Wi-Fi extender and moved it to a location where the Wi-Fi signal is weaker and plug it in and it should then give you a stronger signal in those area. The Wireless extender also has an ethernet port so you can connect up devices without wireless connectivity to a WiFi network.

This WiFi extender is an excellent way to boost the signal in part of your home where the signal is weak but if no get absolutely no signal in certain parts of your house it is unlikely that this extender would help if you tried to plug it in there. What you are best doing if finding the nearest area to the WiFi ‘dead zone’ that you get a weak signal and plug in the extender in that area. This should then give you a moderate wireless signal in the area that used to be a ‘dead zone’