British Schoolgirl Model Aged 16 Topless Photos Hacked

A British schoolgirl and aspiring model was caught up in a scandal when topless photos were hacked from her computer and posted on the internet.

The 16-year-old from Northern Ireland had been modeling for several months and had desires to become a glamour model. She asked a school friend to take some topless glamour photos of her so she could see how she felt about doing that style of modeling.

Her friend sent the topless photos to the 16 year old through email but it was a few days later that the school girl was surprised to find her topless pictures were being shared around the school after they were posted onto the internet.

“When I saw my topless pictures all over the school I thought it must have been my friend who had done it.” Said the girl. “But when I spoke to her about it I knew she hadn’t done it as she was really upset.”

The authorities eventually found out about the topless photos of the schoolgirl being circulated and during the investigation discovered a trojan installed on the models computer that was allowing remote access to her laptop.
When interviewed about the incident it the 16-year-old said:

“I have had big boob since I was aged 14 and now I am 16 they are a D cup so I am comfortable with my body. I still don’t know who it was who got the photos off of my computer but if they really wanted to see my boobs that bad they only needed to ask”

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