IBM Thinkpad T43 laptop video review

A refurbished IBM Thinkpad T43 Laptop video review
okay and I’m gonna look at the IBM ThinkPad t43 laptop. Ok ill open up the case. It comes with a fourteen-point one inch TFT display and once again a full QWERTY keyboard and the optional using either track past or the stylus for controlling the mouse and as usual you can plug a USB mouse if you prefer. This particular laptop has a 2ghz Pentium M processor and comes with one gigabyte of DDR memory and a 40 GB hard disk drive.

It also comes complete with integrate wireless, as well ass Windows XP pre-installed with anti-virus and Microsoft compatible office suite from the OpenOffice. Which is got the equivalent of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access and saving all those file format and the microsoft equivalent. It is a fairly fast laptop you’ll find it boots up to the the Windows desktop pretty quickly. Let have a look at the features, if you look down the side you got the DVD-ROM drive with a CD-RW as well also a standard VGA connector there for connection to an external monitor or flat screen TV. While around to the other side you have two USB ports, a s-video port there for TV-out to any other device such as a video recorder our projector. A modem port an Ethernet pull them both for connection to the internet either for broadband of dial up networking. then you got headphones and microphone slots and then over here you have PCMCIA slots for adding on additional cards. we take a look at it round the back we the have power connectr there and a parallel printer port for connecting up an old style printer. As you can see the laptop is in a very good condition it is matt black and so it doesn’t really show you any scratches or any major cosmetic marks. That concludes the look at the IBM t43 Thinkpad.