In case your hungry don’t try eating the Nintendo Switch carts

Nintendo characters Mario and Luigi

Apparently the cartridges for the new Nintendo Switch console taste awful if you try to eat them, people have been reporting on twitter. Although the console is not officially released until tomorrow there have been several reports that the tiny 1 inch square cartridges taste bad if put in your mouth. It was revealed that the foul taste was from denatonium benzoate that had been artificially added to the carts to stop them being accidentally ingested by children and that it is a none toxic bitter chemical.

The Switch console is what many pundits believe is Ninendos last opportunity to challenge the dominance of Sony and Microsoft and regain the market share its slowly lost since the original Wii consoles success. The switch combines the power of a console with the portability of a tablet so you can play the same games at home or on the move. The console is released worldwide on 3 March and priced at $299