Lego launches social network for kids

Lego the Danish toy maker has launched a social network app aimed at under 13s. Called Lego life it is a Lego themed photo sharing app similar to Flickr or Instagram where kids can post photos of their Lego creations, comment on other peoples photos using pre-written responses, watch Lego related videos, and be given build challenges. 

Although the app is aimed at children 8-12 years there is nothing to stop adults from signing up as Lego does have quite a cult adult following. To keep people safe on the app Lego have implemented content filters as well as having human moderators and no personally identifying photos would be allowed and avatars are created using only Lego characters.

The app will be offered for free on Apple iOS and Android but will include ads for Lego related products. Lego is one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world making over 5 billion dollars a year in sales. It hopes the new app will be popular with the under 13s which are traditionally not allowed to sign up to other social networks such as Facebook due their terms and conditions.

Of course with the Lego life app being totally about Lego its appeal will be mainly to children who play Lego and you could argue that it will become just an easy and cheaper way to market Lego direct to kids. 

If the app does prove to be a sucess then expect other toy makers to come up with thier own similar apps. So next year we could see a Barbie or Pokemon social network apps being launched