Video review Apple Macbook Air Laptop

Laptop review video Apple Macbook air. Text of video transcribed below.

While the new macbook air may have been overshadowed by the launch of a new Retina screen MacBook Pro is it an update worth taking a look at? While it’s still pretty costly at starting price of a 849 pounds it is Apple’s cheapest notebook and now gets you more for your money. Welcome to hands-on his what you need tonight about the new Mac Air.

Taking it on face value you’d be forgiven for thinking it was last year’s model Mac book. The shell hasn’t changed Well that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Both the 11-inch model like this one here or the 13 inch version are just 70 millimetres thick and covered in insanely gorgeous Matt aluminium finish in fact is under the hood where it had changes. Its had A speed bump an updated processor and boosted memory to improve its performance. The macbook air now includes the latest Ivy Bridge processors from Intel, which not only give the  performance a boost but also includes improved graphics chip handy for 3D games. in fact test show that this model to be 20 percent faster than its predecessor. As for battery life it remains the same lasting a full five hours when streaming video over wifi. The original 2gig of entry level memory has had a welcome boost to 4 gb. Although we were a bit disappointed to see the hard drive storage has remained a measly 64 GB you have to pay extra if you want and more. The new model also gets a couple of other overdue conditions in the shape of a HD webcam and two USB 3 ports for fast USB connection. But is the macbook Air worth its expensive price tag? cost aside the air is still one of the best looking notebooks on the market it’s improved performance sets the standard for its ultrabook rivals have to match.

you got the same specs PC laptop for cheaper but the question is would you want to be seen with anything else?