Intel demo full Windows 10 compatible PC the size of a credit card.

At this years CES Intel showed off a full computer the size of a credit card that is able to run Windows 10. The device has on-board an Intel i3 CPU, memory and storage which gives it the similar specifications of a low to mid range laptop. What it lacks are standard IO ports for connecting displays and input devices etc. Intel for see that you would dock the card into other devices whether that’s a flat screen TV or docking station or perhaps even a tablet and these would handle the connectivity of other peripherals. The idea on paper seems pretty neat meaning that potentially you would only need one card that stores your OS, data and computing power and it could be used in multiple dumb devices and then in a few years you buy a new upgrading card to take advantage of improved processors and storage without having to upgrade the whole device.There was no news on expected price for the device and this will be a big indicator as to whether it would take off, after all people now carry around quite powerful computers already in their pocket in the form of their smartphone and attempts to make these into an all in one computing device in the past such as the Motorola Atrix didn’t prove popular with users so whether they will want to carry another computer in their pocket will remain to be seen.