Italian court rules that mobile phone DO cause brain tumors

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Man awarded 500 euro per month compensation for phone causing brain tumor

An Italian court has awarded Robert Romero 500 euro per month after it said that his brain tumor was caused by his use of his mobile phone. Mr Romero had said that he used his mobile for around 4 hours a day for his business and had been doing so for 15 years. The court in Ivera agreed that this could have contributed to him developing the tumor.
The compensation is to be paid by a body that handle work-based injuries. In a statement by Mr Romero’s lawyer he said that he had no plans to sue any mobile manufacturers or networks.
This ruling goes against the finding of recent scientific studies which showed little increased risk of tumors from mobile phone usage.

The law firm acting on behalf of Mr Romero said it had been contacted by other people in similar situations and it intends to persue these other cases in the courts. There could yet be a legal challenge to the courts decision as the legal grounds for the judges decision has not yet been released by the courts.