What is the largest Micro SD-Card? SanDisk have a 400GB whopper!

Memory manufacturer SanDisk has revealed the largest capacity Micro SD-Card with a 400GB capacity.

It wasn’t that long ago that 16 or 32Gb of storage for a phone or tablet seemed like more than enough but with games and apps getting bigger and the advent of phones that can record 4K video it is easy to fill up this amount of storage.
To the rescue comes Sandisk which has just announced it is Ultra Plus microSDXC UHS-I card with a whopping capacity of 400GB. This is enough to hold about 17 hours of 4K video, or 6000 hours of music. It is not just a large amount of storage but it also has a fast read speed of 100MB/sec meaning it can keep up with streaming data from the card to your phone or tablet. The card is being manufactured with 3D NAND technology and 3bit/cell TLC flash as opposed the last generation of large capacity cards which used 2D NAND.

As you will probably expect these 400GB cards aren’t going to be cheap with a retail price of £224.99 at Amazon. But compare this to the £399 that SanDisk wanted a few years ago for a 256GB and you can see prices have gone down as capacity has increased. Should the 400GB be too expensive for you there are other capacities available from 16 to 256GB for much more reasonable prices, a 16GB can be picked up for as little as £9.