Check out this great bargain on polythene mailer bags

Polythene mailing bags

There are some great bargains on polythene mailer bags over at Amazon.

If your like me and you sell a lot of items on ebay or other online marketplace then you will probably find yourself using polythene mailer bags to send the items as they are less prone to tearing and are waterproof unlike paper envelopes.

I have been selling a lot of old back issues of computer magazines on ebay recently and for posting them I had been buying mailer bags from the local pound shop (either Poundland or Poundworld I forget which) but you got 6 large mail bags for £1. I thought at the time that these were a good price but  when you are trying to keep your postage and packing costs as low as possible it pays to shop around.

So I decided to spend some time seeing if I could get a better price online for the mailer bags. After about 20 minutes of searching I found some large grey mailing bags on Amazon which are 16 inches by 12 inches (405 x 305mm) which can easily fit in an about 6 x A4 magazines and still seal up. These were available at a fraction of the price of those from the pound shop and so instead of it costing over 16p a poly postal bag like I was paying from the pound shop it worked out at 7p per bag. Plus it was free delivery as well so I wasn’t having to make a trip to the shop to get them.

If you need some postal bags I recommend clicking the link below, they have other sizes to if 16 x 12″ are too big or small for your needs.