More Siri style voice assistants coming to Android phones in 2017

Voice search assistant graphic

A the mobile world congress this weekend several companies announced new ‘Siri’ style voice assistants coming to their range of Android phones. Although voice searching using OK Google has been around on Android for quite a few years now a full voice activated assistant like Siri on Apple devices where you can interact with apps through the assistant has been missing on Android phones. Google have been trialing their Google Assistant on their flagship Pixel phone and now it has been announced that LG will also be bringing it to their new device the G6. Google have announced in a blog post they will be rolling it out to users of Android 6 and 7 (Marshmallow and Nougat) starting this week, whether is will replace the OK Google voice search on these devices was not clear from the post.

Google was not the only game in town when it came to voice activated assistants though with Amazon managing to strike a deal with Lenovo to bring Alexa to their Moto-Z phone due out later this year. Google have been a bit late to get their assistant onto more devices which allowed Amazon to steal another big name at the beginning of 2017 with the third largest smartphone maker Huawei announcing that it too is to build Alexia into its mobiles.