Razer produce battery free wireless mouse

Battery free wireless mouse

PC accessories maker Razer has demonstrated at CES batteries free wireless mice

Wireless mice have been around for PCs for well over a decade and can be picked up for around the same price as a wired mouse. The advantages of wireless mice are that they can be used at much further distances from the computer and there is no risk of a wire getting tangled up. But the main problem with wireless mice is that they all still need batteries to work. This results in you having do either dock the mouse to charge up it’s internal battery or use one that has a replaceable batteries which means stopping work or gaming while you recharge the mice battery.

While there have been wireless mice that can be charged from a mouse mat, the mice still need a battery inside which required charging until now. Computer gaming specialist Razer have created a new wireless mouse named the Mamba Hyperflux that does not need any batteries, instead it is powered from the mouse mat. The mat is wired and generates an magnetic field which is picked up by the mouse to generate the power, meaning the mouse can be used without ever needing to be charged.

There is an obvious downside to this technology though in that the mouse pad itself still needs to be plugged into the computer to provide the power for the mouse. So if you wanted to use the mouse say while travelling, you have to take the mouse mat along to. It also means your stuck with the design of the mouse mat that Razor provides, as you cannot use the mouse wirelessly with another standard mouse pad, so out goes that custom designed mouse pad you had printed up.

Razer have obviously considered that some people may wish to use their mouse without the Hyperflux pad and have provided the option to plug the mouse in using a micro USB cable which then lets you use it as a standard wired mouse, obviously without the benefits of the wireless though.

If your interested in buying the Razer Hyperflux mouse then you still have a couple of months to wait as it  is not due out until March 2018 and the price is an eye watering £249.99, so you really need to be a serious gamer to consider purchasing. But with all new technology the price will start to drop down within a few years, and perhaps in 5 years time you will be able to pick up a wireless mouse without batteries for under £50