Want to play Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild on your PC?

Nintendo switch console

Are you too tight to buy a Nintendo Switch but still want to play the latest Zelda game?

Nintendo seems to have done it again with the Switch console and created a console that people want to buy; unlike the WII U. Unfortunately whenever you get a successful product you will always get those who don’t want to pay for it, and the Switch is no different. Enter the scammers who have been looking to make use of the freetards by pretending to offer Nintendo Switch emulators that allow you to play the excellent Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild game on your P.C. But if you do follow one of the links to download the emulator at best you will end up having to complete a load of surveys which don’t lead to anything other than wasted time. Or at worse they will take you to a site where you will be downloading a file riddled with malware and could possible end up become part of a bot net or having your online banking details stolen by a keylogger.

Emulators are programs that allow a computer to run software not designed to run on that platform. Emulators do exist for some older Nintendo consoles such as the SNES and N64 which allow you to play games with some degree of success. But it would take months if not years for a Switch emulator to be programmed as they are usually knocked up by coders working in their spare time rather than by a team of developers.

Stats show that one YouTube video alone which claims to show you how to play the latest Legend of Zelda on your computer has had over 75000 views already. And many sites are springing up claiming to have the emulator for download, some even making the downloaders hand over credit card details before they get the application download link.

Computer security firm Symantec warns people that there is no emulator or patch that will allow you to play Nintendo switch games on anything other than the official console and by following these links couldĀ put your PC at risk and will be giving the scammer a whole load of personal data that can be sold on to spam your email account with ads.