Hackers issue ransom demand to Disney for hacked movie

Disney castle with fireworks

Hackers want a bitcoin payment to stop release of hacked Disney film

Disney executive Bob Iger confirmed yesterday that hackers had demanded a large sum of money to be paid to a bit coin wallet and in return the unnamed hackers would not release a movie hacked from Disney. In a story reported by Hollywood Reporter

Mr Iger did not say which Disney movie was being held to ransom but the animated film Cars 3 and the latest in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise are both due out in Cinemas this month. Rumours were circulating on the internet last week that it was the next Star Wars film (The Last Jedi) but this was later dismissed as a hoax.

If Disney refuse to pay the ransom – which they said they will not pay – then the hacking group is going to release the movie in 20 minute chucks (perhaps thinking that Disney may pay up before all the chunks are released)

Disney is not the first studio to be hit by this sort of ransom, Netflix were also hacked and an attempted ransom for the latest season of Orange is the new black, they refused to pay and the hackers uploaded it to The Pirate Bay.

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